Welcome to Northdown Primary School

Welcome to the school website where we hope to show you a glimpse of our amazing school. It is our aim that what you’re about to experience will give you a snippet of what it is like in the day of the life of a Northdown hero. Why not have a tour of our school? Use the contact page to book your school tour with our Headteacher, Mr Harris.

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Our Calendar

  • Children will be introduced to their new teachers for the new school year

  • In light of Father's Day, we will be helping the children celebrate a significant male role model in their lives. 

  • Children will be spending time in their new classrooms

  • Sports day will be held on the field. Parents welcome. 

  • Promoting wellbeing in all aspects of the children's lives. 

Our Newsfeed

  • Breakfast Club is available daily from 7.40am - 8.30am Due to the start of the school day starting at 8.30am  breakfast is now being served at 7.50am-8.10am Cost for Breakfast is £2.50 per day/per child this is payable in advance.
  • *Schoolgateway Reminder* Weduc will no longer be in use as of tomorrow.  School dinners, reporting absence and communication with the school about upcoming events/trips etc, will all be done through school gateway.  Please make sure you have downloaded the app and if you have any issues signing in, email the office with your name, phone number, email address and your child's name.  Thank you
  • If you would like to speak to the SENCO at any time about any concerns around your child, please send an email to with a quick note about your concern and your contact phone number. This way your message will definitely reach me. I aim to respond to all emails within five working days. If your message is urgent, please call the office or speak to your class teacher in the normal way. Thank you, Mrs Goldsmith, Inclusion Manager
  • Free School Meals still need to be pre-booked on the new school Gateway app available on Friday, ready for Monday. This is to allow for the kitchen staff to make correct food delivery orders and to correctly plan and portion meals. Thank you  
  • Following the change from Weduc to Schoolgateway, all school dinners will now need to be booked in advance on the school gateway app. This will be available on Friday, ready for Monday. Debt letters for school dinner payments will be delivered by class teachers this week. If you do not pay off the remaining balance on your parent pay accounts, you will not be able to book another school dinner. If this is the case, your child will need to come in with packed lunch from home as they will not receive another school meal until the debt is paid.  If you need help logging into your parent pay account to pay the debt, please email the office stating your name and your child's name.  Thank you

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