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Kent Police Information on Clown Craze

Local Issue

There is currently a great deal of media surrounding ‘Clown Craze’ sweeping across the UK following the craze
in America. There is of course a concern that young children could find this very disturbing as it appears people
dressed as clowns attempt to jump out on passers-by.

Should this occur, then children should treat this as they would with all strangers. It is important that they report it to a parent or carer who can then contact the relevant authorities if they feel it is necessary. The website below has some good advice for children regarding ‘Stranger Danger’ although it is not specific to this latest craze.


Talk Pants

Being a parent always seems to mean lots of worrying, especially when it comes to keeping your child or children safe. All parents worry about different types of abuse and how to talk to their children about some of these issues. The NSPCC have a really useful website called ‘Talk Pants.’ This site teaches children important messages, like their body belongs to them and they should tell an adult if they’re upset or worried. There are activities for children on there and also advice for parents. Below you will see a link to the website and also a leaflet for parents providing some useful advice.

Talk Pants Guidance For Parents NSPCC



Be Net Aware

As parents, we often worry about what our children are accessing on tablets and computers. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell how suitable something is. I have come across a website that parents and carers might find very useful. It does give you some information about different apps, what other parents and children think and rates some of the risks. You can access it by following the link below.

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