Vision & Values

Vision & Values


At Northdown, we believe in creating an environment where all children are valued and their voices heard so that the education we deliver is tailored to the children of our community. We recognise that our community is influenced by many cultures, beliefs, and life circumstances that shape the present lives of our children.

Through our ethos of ‘I can…’ we invest in the core values of Harmony, Curiosity, Courage, Determination, and Aspiration which are intrinsic to a developed curriculum that recognises the unique makeup of our community. We are committed to taking the children on a journey of challenge and self-discovery through new experiences to promote growth, both in mind and body.

We intend to nurture the full potential of all children by encouraging them to:

  • Become independent, resilient, and ambitious learners:
  • Be confident and curious with a thirst for knowledge;
  • Exhibit harmony through respect of oneself and others, including physical and mental wellbeing;
  • Responsible members of the community who make a positive difference to society.

At Northdown, we believe that every child can succeed. We will ensure that our children will develop high aspirations, self-belief, and an understanding of their world and their community. We believe that the mastery of reading, writing, and mathematics are the cornerstones that allow children and young people to build a happy, self-determined, and fulfilled life.

We believe that education is a fundamental human right and we are proud to serve these children and their community. We are committed to promoting the long-term collective wellbeing of all the children entrusted to our care and are committed to supporting children’s positive mental health.

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