ACE Ambassadors

ACE – A champion for every child


As a school, we are very pleased to be part of a project called ‘ACE Ambition Tutors – a champion for every child’ to support all of our Pupil Premium children and families.

At Northdown we are aware that barriers can sometimes exist between children and school. Via the ACE mentoring scheme we are able to offer one-to-one support to help children navigate any obstacles that could be preventing them from exploring new horizons and raising aspirations.

Our dedicated ACE team will liaise with teachers and parents/carers to support students and offer strategies to overcome any barriers to optimise learning.

Our aim is to build on progress, relationships, learning, confidence, and resilience to help our students thrive.

ACE is good. It makes me feel safe that I can come here when I’m sad.


ACE makes me safe and happy and I feel more settled.


I feel comfortable talking in my ACE sessions, and I can talk openly.


What is an ACE debate?

Every week, pupils are invited to take part in an ACE debate led by one of our ACE Champions. A question is posed to the group that is linked to local, national or international issues and current affairs. Arguments for and against are heard before a vote is held to see what the general consensus is.

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Northdown Small Holding


Northdown Primary School has been lucky enough to secure a small community grant to improve the raised beds at the end of the KS2 playground. Children from our ACE project have been helping with the installation and maintenance of the new small holding as we aim to go from seed to plate.


Plant      —      Prosper      —      Harvest

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